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5 Apps and Products Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love

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For many nature lovers, summer is the perfect season for countless ventures – hiking, kayaking, camping and everything in between.

Before you head out to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, check out these apps and products. Designed to enhance your outdoor excursion, they can help make your time exploring easier and safer.


1. Luci® Outdoor Inflatable Solar Light

Whether you’re hiking, camping or simply sitting on your front porch to count fireflies at night, the Luci Outdoor inflatable solar light can provide the illumination you need. Through solar power, it is able to provide up to 12 hours of light with each charge. Small enough to easily transport, Luci Outdoor is collapsible and won’t take up much space in a backpack. Plus, it’s completely waterproof, so go ahead – bring it on your next kayaking trip.

2. Chimani National Parks App

Chimani is a free GPS app that guides hikers and campers through more than 400 national parks and national monuments in the United States. The best part? The app can be used even if you’re outside cell range – no Wi-Fi or cell signal is required. With trail maps, sunrise/sunset times and other important information for many popular outdoor destinations, Chimani is a great adventure buddy.

3.  Gaia GPS

Rated one of the top outdoor map apps by iTunes users, Gaia GPS helps explorers navigate remote parts of the world. Even if cell reception isn’t available, users can still find their location using GPS technology. The app claims a database of countless U.S. and international maps, including topo, nautical, road, mountaineering, hunting, aerial imagery and weather maps. Plus, the trip-logging feature lets users track and share their favorite experiences.

4. Anker PowerPort Solar

When you’re alone in the wilderness, the last thing you want is a dead GPS or phone battery with no ability to recharge. The Anker PowerPort Solar, a solar-powered USB charger, could help eliminate this problem. Channeling energy from direct sunlight, the PowerPort is able to charge numerous devices at once. Designed with durable industrial-strength PET plastic panels and a polyester canvas, the product promises it can “withstand the trials of your outdoor adventures.”

5. Badger Natural Bug Repellents

If pesky insects are ruining your time outdoors, check out Badger Natural Bug Repellents. Badger’s line of anti-bug products is a natural way to keep pests at bay without slathering insect repellents containing DEET or other harmful ingredients on your skin. Badger uses certified organic ingredients to ward off bugs: citronella, lemongrass and a blend of essential oils. Available in the form of a solid stick, all-over spray or sunscreen bug repellent, Badger has a range of products to suit your preference.

Make the Great Outdoors Even Better

If you plan on heading into the wild this summer, having one of these apps or products in tow as part of your travel gear could be a great addition. These resources can provide direction on your trek, keep you well-connected and encourage exploration.
While these tools can help guide your venture, be sure to protect your property while you’re away – especially if you plan on being gone for a while. If something happens to your residence, such as certain weather damage, theft or vandalism, homeowners insurance could help cover restoration costs. If you don’t own your property, renters insurance helps protect the investment you’ve made in your belongings.