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Nifty Apps and Devices for Safer, Stress-Free Summer Travel

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Before you pull out the beach garb and head out of town for some much-needed R&R this summer, check out these apps and devices. Designed to keep the anxiety of traveling at a minimum, the following apps and devices on the market today can help streamline your travel planning process and keep you safe on your venture.

  • LugLoc

    Whether you’re traveling by plane or train, LugLoc lets you keep tabs on your bags at all times to cut down on the chance of losing your belongings. Using Bluetooth and GSM-GPRS mobile phone technology, LugLoc can detect exactly where your luggage is, depending on the strength of local mobile phone service, regardless of which continent you’re on. Simply toss the device in your suitcase and download the corresponding app. If you need to know the whereabouts of your bag, request a “trace” from your phone and watch its location appear in real time on the app.

  • SPOT

    The SPOT Gen3 device lets you send messages from remote locations beyond cellular service anywhere in the world. If a backpacking or fishing trip takes you out of cellular range, SPOT will use GPS technology to track your whereabouts. When friends and family follow your adventure via the SPOT app, you can let them know you’re safe – and clue them into your exact location – with the “OK” button on the device. If you’re stranded and need help, simply press the “SOS” button and an emergency response crew will be notified.

  • TripIt

    Vacations are best spent relaxing, not stressfully fumbling with copies of your boarding pass, hotel reservation and rental car confirmation. With TripIt’s free app, you can keep everything in one place. Your travel information, when forwarded to a special TripIt email address, is automatically organized in itinerary form and delivered to your mobile device. Once an itinerary is created, the app makes it easy to continue to make and change plans along your journey and edit your trip.

  • LifeLine Response

    In an emergency situation, LifeLine Response app lets you call for help — even if you’re unable to speak — and sounds an alarm. When you feel threatened, hold your thumb on your phone screen to activate an alert. If you release your thumb without entering your personal disarm code, your phone will begin flashing and releasing an ear-piercing sound that can be heard for miles while police are alerted to your exact GPS location. Hospitals, corporations and colleges report using LifeLine Response, which could help you stay out of harm’s way.

  • Woolet

    Losing your wallet is a nightmare, especially if it happens while you’re on vacation. Using Bluetooth technology, the Woolet smart wallet syncs to the app on your phone and will alert you with an audible howl if you leave it behind. Launch the app, and you’ll be given its exact location with guided directions to help you find it. This wallet isn’t just smart – its sleek, minimalistic design is easy on the eyes and helps reduce bulk.


Vacations Are For Memories, Not Mishaps.

Whether you’re going away for a few weeks or just a few days, having one or more of these apps or devices in tow can help you and your family have a relaxing, memorable trip without any National Lampoon’s Vacation mishaps. While they can help keep you safe when you’re on vacation, make sure you have homeowners or renters insurance to help protect your property while you’re enjoying the sand and waves – or whatever locale you choose.