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Home Security Apps Help Users Stay Connected and Protected

Thanks to mobile apps designed specifically for home security, many homeowners have found that being on the go doesn’t have to mean being out of touch. The continuing improvement of wireless communication networks has added a new dimension to home security — namely, you don’t have to be at home to interact with your alarm system….

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The 15 Mid-Size Cities Least Prone to Car Theft

  After a long day at work, you pull into your driveway and head inside, but forget to grab your keys from the ignition. The following morning, your car has vanished. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, a vehicle was stolen every 46 seconds in the U.S. in 2014; 689,527 vehicles in all. About…

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Texting and driving. Warning message.

Heads Up: Keep Your Eyes and Mind On the Road

  The next time you’re riding as a passenger in a vehicle, take a moment to observe the drivers around you. Chances are, you’ll see one or more of them eating, fixing their hair or replying to an email when their undivided attention should be on the road. Distracted driving is a growing epidemic in…

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Father And Daughters Washing Car Together

Simple Ways to Show Your Car Some TLC This Spring

  Spring has sprung, and all you can think about is a pleasant drive to the coast, the mountains or your favorite lake. But after an hour on the road, your car stalls. Your carefree drive has become a tow-truck ride to a nearby mechanic.   Trading a relaxing getaway for a hefty repair bill…

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The Top 15 Midsize U.S. Cities With the Most Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parades

  Traditionally, March 17 celebrated Saint Patrick–the patron saint of Ireland who worked to convert the Irish to Christianity–on the day of his death. The day, and the weekend closest to it, was later Americanized by U.S. citizens of Irish descent and transformed into the parade-watching, green-clad, shamrock-decorated celebration we know today.   With this current…

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Technology and the Roadways: Drive Smart, Reduce Your Risk of a Collision

  Traffic congestion in 2015 caused drivers to use more than 3 billion extra gallons of gas and confined commuters to their cars for an additional 7 billion hours, according to the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard. What’s the collective cost of this unnecessary fuel use and extra time spent behind the wheel? A hefty $160…

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15 U.S. Colleges With Top Actuary Programs

    What is an actuary? An actuary is an analyst who determines the likelihood of risks. These individuals are crucial to the insurance field, as they evaluate the risks associated with your home, car and life and use those findings to determine the cost of your premiums.   For example, an actuary would determine…

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Traffic on highway with cars.

The Top 10 U.S. Cities With the Shortest Commutes to Work

  Virtually every working professional has some sort of commute to work in the mornings. Whether yours is a lengthy one from the suburbs to the city or just a mile down the road, auto insurance is a must, as operating a vehicle is one of the most dangerous activities individuals participate in daily.  …

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