Safeco Insurance—A Name You Know

You've heard the Safeco® name—Seattle’s baseball stadium bears the company's moniker. But you should know the company for more than home runs and line drives—you should know Safeco for the way it helps you enjoy your home and drive your vehicle with confidence. Okay, maybe we went too far with the baseball comparison. But the point is that Safeco insures the things that matter to you—homes, cars, boats, motorcycles and much more. You can rest easy at night knowing that you, your family and your finances are insured against a variety of covered perils.

Safeco's Path to Success

What's now Safeco Insurance was founded in 1923. That's the same year brothers Walt and Roy Disney founded The Walt Disney Co.; the same year the Hollywood sign went up outside Los Angeles; and the same year the original Yankee Stadium opened in the Bronx, New York.

All represent a tradition of excellence. Now part of the Liberty Mutual Group, Safeco has long offered quality protection for its customers with an eye on coverage tailored to the individual and his or her unique insurance needs. Once known primarily for its presence in the Northwest, Safeco now offers quality coverage across the country.

Safeco Insurance—Ratings That Matter

Want to know what customers think about Safeco Insurance? Ratings by customers answer that question. More than 75 percent give the company five out of five stars when asked to review it.

Ask your friends and relatives about their experience with Safeco. We're confident you'll find that Safeco provides quality coverage at fair prices, with 24/7 claims service and the attention to detail customers want. It's all there in the Safeco Insurance ratings.

We are a licensed Safeco agent. Tell us about your insurance needs. We'll listen and help you select coverage that protects what's important to you. One size doesn't fit all, and it never has where Safeco Insurance is concerned.

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Don't wait any longer. As Safeco licensed agents, we are ready to help you now. We'll search for discounts and give you options as you consider the best way to protect your home, auto and more. The company founded by H.K. Dent in 1923 continues to apply the formula he devised—competitive pricing and disciplined underwriting—supported by cutting-edge technology.

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