Curious About Safeco Insurance Discounts?

Safeco® has been a trusted insurer since 1923. Over the past 90 years, Safeco has refined the art of providing you with the coverage you want for your possessions at an affordable price. Safeco does that by offering discounts—particularly when you take steps to safeguard your property or improve your driving.

Looking for Significant Savings? Consider the Safeco Package

One of the biggest savings you can get on your Safeco Insurance policies derives from packaging. If you need home and auto insurance, buy the Safeco Package1. Combining these two policies could save you up to 15 percent annually. And if you have other possessions that need protecting, the multi-policy discount can earn you more price breaks. Call to speak with one of our licensed agents and find out more about the Safeco Package and other options.

What Other Safeco Insurance Discounts Are Available?

Safeco Insurance discounts can vary by types of insurance and the state you live in, but they typically revolve around steps you've taken that show you are a responsible property owner or driver. For example, potential ways to save on car insurance include:

  • Safety features. Does your vehicle have anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices? If it does, you may save money.
  • Multi-car. Do you have more than one car in your household? If so, insuring them all with us may lower your payments.
  • Safe driver. If you've gone a certain number of years without getting a moving violation or being in an accident, you could save.

With Safeco home insurance, you could earn discounts for taking steps such as installing a security system or a fire sprinkler system—again, rewarding you for being responsible. If you've bought a house that is less than 10 years old, you could qualify for the new home discount.

For a full rundown of Safeco Insurance coverages and discounts, call the number on this page. We are licensed Safeco agent and can answer your questions.

Call to Learn More About Safeco Insurance Discounts Now

As licensed Safeco agents, we want you to have coverage that meets both your needs and your budget. We understand that there are countless other things on which you want to spend your hard-earned dollars. Safeco offers a plethora of discounts to help you protect your most valuable possessions without overpaying. To see how much you could save, call today!