Safeco Renters Insurance

Consider Safeco Renters Insurance

When renting an apartment or house, don't forget about Safeco®. Searching for an apartment, home, condo or townhouse to rent can be an exciting endeavor, so it can be all too easy to forget you need renters insurance.

But here are the cold, hard facts. According to a 2013 federal Bureau of Justice Statistics report, the burglary rate for renters is nearly 80 percent higher than for owners. That means renters insurance is a must-have to protect yourself and your belongings.

Safeco has been insuring customers against theft, disasters such as fires and liability since 1923. Safeco is a company that you can trust, and they go above and beyond to be there for customers in times of trouble.

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Consider Safeco Renters Insurance

Many renters believe that they will be protected by their landlords' insurance policies, but this is not the case. Your landlord's policy covers only the structure of the building, so if a tornado destroys your complex—and your belongings—you'll have to foot the bill to repair or replace everything you had in your place. However, if you have Safeco renters insurance, you have protection, up to your policy limits, for:

  • Your belongings. If your possessions are stolen or damaged, your policy could cover repairs and replacements.
  • Additional living expenses. If your place is damaged by fire or another covered loss and you're unable to live in it while repairs are being made, your Safeco policy may help cover expenses accrued in the meantime, including hotel and restaurant bills.
  • Liability. If someone is injured on your property, your Safeco Insurance coverage may help pay for the necessary medical costs that result.

With Safeco, you can personalize your renters policy to include additional coverages, such as identity recovery and valuable articles protection. For a full rundown of those options, call the number on this page to speak with a licensed agent.

Save on Safeco Renters Insurance

Want to get a discount on your renters policy? Combine it with an auto or other policy. You also may get a price break by paying your bill in full rather than in installments or by increasing your deductible. You could put your savings toward what you really want to buy, like that new TV you've had your eye on.

Call now to ask about discounts and coverages, and to get options on how much protection you need for your space and belongings. We are a licensed Safeco agent and can help you select the policy that fits your needs and budget.