Safeco Boat Insurance Keeps You Afloat

Shopping for boat insurance? Look no further. Safeco® has been insuring possessions since 1923. They'll be there for you in choppy waters and in calm, helping protect the boat, your gear and passengers.

Safeco Boat Insurance Coverage

With Safeco boat insurance, your watercraft will be protected when it’s afloat and when it’s out of the water.

Standard boat insurance from Safeco includes, up to your policy limits:

  • Agreed value for total losses. When you buy a policy, you and Safeco will agree on a value for your boat or other watercraft. This value is what Safeco will pay after a covered total loss or theft. That way, there is no complicated formula about the value of your boat at the time of loss.
  • Personal effects. Your property—such as fishing poles, safety equipment and water skis—is covered up to an agreed-upon amount with Safeco Insurance.
  • Physical damage. If your boat or watercraft, its motor or attached equipment are damaged by a covered loss, your policy may help with the necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Liability. If someone is injured on your boat, liability coverage may help pay the medical expenses that result.
  • The area around you.If your boat is damaged due to a covered peril within 75 miles of the U.S. coastline, it's still protected by your policy.
  • Fuel spill and wreckage removal. Safeco policies include expenses related to cleaning up fuel spills and the removal of wreckage.

But that's not all your policy can include. For a complete rundown of coverage options, call the number at the top of the page. We are a licensed agent for Safeco and can assist you with your watercraft insurance questions.

Seeking Discounts? Package Safeco Insurance Policies

The simplest way to save money is to use Safeco for more than one of your insurance needs. If you need coverage for your boat, home, vehicle and/or motorcycle, you could see significant savings by buying those policies from Safeco. How much can you save when you combine Safeco Insurance policies? It depends on how much you package.

You could also save if your boat uses an inboard diesel engine and/or you've taken—and can show proof of—a qualifying boating safety course.

Call About Safeco Boat Insurance Today

You'll be glad you insured your boat with Safeco Insurance. Safeco has more than 90 years of experience protecting prized possessions and its policies will give you peace of mind knowing that your property will be protected in spite of the unpredictable. So call the number on this page now to get the coverage you want at an affordable price.